Still using Windows 7?

In January 2020 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. This can have serious implications if you don’t upgrade soon. 

There comes a time where Microsoft stops supporting older versions of their software products and make them “End of life”. This means they have had five years of feature development and security updates and an additional five years of extended support – where only security updates and patches were applied.

Microsoft have officially announced that several of their products will be reaching this phase in 2020. One of these software products being the popular Windows 7 operating system.

How does this affect me?

  • No more security patches meaning your PC will become extremely vulnerable.
  • Your PC will start slowing down due to applications not being supported with Windows 7.
  • Microsoft’s technical support will cease as they will completely stop supporting the product.
  • Most applications will stop working due to their developers not supporting Windows 7.

What can I do?

The best advice we can give is to update your operating system immediately. Time is running out and this isn’t something you want to put off.  Talk to our team about your upgrade options, we can save you money and support you through the technical side of switching to a newer operating system. We can take the stress away and handle it all for you.

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