SEO For Small And Medium Businesses

It’s no secret that SEO is an important factor when wanting to acquire organic traffic and boost search engine ranks. It’s become even more crucial due to search engine algorithm’s becoming more and more complex. However, using the latest and most effective strategies we can boost organic traffic and conversions for our clients.

In recent years there has been a misconception that investing in SEO will guarantee you a number 1 position on search engines. This is not true. Any agency that guarantees a number 1 position is either being overly ambitious or using black hat SEO. Here at Keen IT we only use approved white hat SEO methods.

We offer a standard package that aims to increase search engine ranks and boost organic traffic. If this isn’t suitable or you’re looking for something more bespoke then feel free to contact us.


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What’s Included

  • Locally Focused SEO

  • Keyword Research

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Title & Meta Data

  • On-Site Technical SEO

  • Internal Linking

  • Building Backlinks

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Monthly Reports

All of this for £185/month * 


*All prices shown exclude VAT.

*Each package is a 3 month minimum term. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, no. The reason as to why we don’t guarantee a number 1 spot on search engines is because there are too many variables. However, we endeavour to use the latest and most effective SEO methods to boost your site ranks as high as we possibly can. This will in turn, boost your traffic and website conversions.

Be wary of any agency that claims that they can get you to number 1 on search engines. They usually use black hat SEO methods which not only puts your reputation on the line, but also raises a huge red flag to search engines which can later down the line penalise you. At Keen IT we only use approved white hat SEO methods.

Unfortunately the effects of SEO don’t happen overnight. SEO is a timely practice which needs maintenance and ongoing attention to see any sustainable results. Some companies see results in 4 weeks whereas other companies might see results in 6 months. Generally speaking, we advise that you should start seeing positive effects on your search engine rank and an increase in traffic within 4 months.

At Keen IT we continuously hear of other agencies filling their reports with complicated jargon that confuses their clients. We do things differently. We understand that our client’s aren’t going to know, or simply don’t want to now, all of the terminology used in SEO. This is why our reports are written and designed in a user friendly way, which means that even the least technical of people will understand them. Furthermore, if we have to use certain terminology then we include a jargon buster at the end of all of our reports which explains the terminology in simple layman’s terms.

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