Virtual Desktops

A virtual desktop is a remotely stored desktop environment which can be accessed by any laptop, desktop or tablet device which has access to the internet.

Sounds interesting but how will it help my business?

  • Accessibility:  On demand desktops allowing any time anywhere, any device user access.
  • Increased productivity: Flexible multiple device connectivity to desktop environments for home users and road warriors.
  • Cost reduction:  Quick cost effective deployment of new desktops to the business.  Old PC’s too slow to run the latest operating systems can be reused as thin clients (ie basic access devices with limited processing requirements and memory as all the desktop processing happens on the server)
  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs: Less time is required to backup, patch, upgrade and virus scan virtual desktops than physical desktops/laptops.
  • Increased security:  Users don’t carry around their data, it’s all stored on a server in a secure environment.  Stolen laptops on trains, corrupt desktop hardware or even intellectual property theft can be avoided.
  • Minimise dataloss:  Virtual desktops are backed up every day.

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