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Since the first email was sent in 1971 it’s soon become on the the most used communication methods in today’s modern society. Most businesses rely heavily on email every day for their operations. In fact, it’s estimated that 269 billion emails are sent every day across the globe. Because of the global scale of email, there are a vast number of email providers trying to get their share of the market. We understand this can become confusing to small and medium businesses.

Here at Keen IT we offer tailor made, simple and effective email solutions to small and medium businesses. Our services are easy to understand and we don’t bog you down with technical jargon. Our expert team have been providing email solutions to businesses for over 10 years and pride themselves in the work they do and the relationships they build.

We can guide you through every stage of the process form choosing the best option that suits your needs, to installation and setup of email accounts and email software. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!


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Did you know that 81% of SME’s use Email as their primary customer acquisition channel?

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Keen IT offers exchange email services for small and medium businesses

Hosted Exchange Email Through Microsoft Office 365

Hosted Exchange through Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most common ways a business stores and access its email. Hosted Exchange offers businesses a number of services, including email, calendars, task management, address lists, and more. You can also gain the ability to access all of these services from any location, on almost every device. Microsoft Office 365 exchange is cost effective and packages start from as little as:

£ 3.00 per licence / per month*

*excluding VAT


Microsoft Office 365 Software

Microsoft Office 365 is considered the market leader in productivity and collaboration applications. The Office 365 suite of applications allow businesses to work together easier by syncing data across multiple devices such as PC’s, Tablet and mobile phones. As the name “365” suggests, data is accessible 24/6 365 days a year due to everything being stored in the cloud and accessed via an Office 365 account.

For over 10 years we’ve helped many businesses transfer over to Microsoft Office 365. Our expert team can handle the full migration process for you as well as being on standby for any support you might need down the line.

Keen IT offers Microsoft Office 365 services for small and medium businesses

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