Data Recovery & Backup For Small And Medium Businesses

Data is the lifeblood of all companies. Without continuous, secure access to data, the consequences can be crippling and even game changing for a business’ ability to function and survive.  Our aim is not to scare customers but rather make them aware that proactive management of data back up and security is a priority task for safeguarding their business.

We tailor our approach to best match the needs and budgets of our customers.  We also provide backup testing to ensure the robustness of backup solutions, so that we can be confident of restoring data in a time of crisis. Contact Keen IT to discuss your business needs and risks, so that we can help you implement a data backup and recovery plan to safeguard your business.


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Did you know that 50% of organisations fail restoring backup data!

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Keen IT offers a data recovery service for small and medium businesses

Data Recovery

We understand that computers are not immune to failures, we can offer backup solutions to prevent loss of data. However in the event of missed backups or no backups we can offer to attempt data recovery from your failed devices. This may include clones, device imaging and advanced data recovery.


Backing up your data is one of the most overlooked elements of keeping a healthy IT system. It’s something we often see not considered until a large amount of valuable data is potentially lost.

We offer various Backup solutions, ranging from basic software that backs up to an external device all the way to cloud-based solutions and full-fledged offsite backups to secure servers.

Keen IT offers a range of affordable data backup services for small and medium businesses