If you’re an individual or a company using the internet, then you should approach digital security the same way you’d approach the security of your own home. You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open so it’s best not to leave your website exposed. It’s essential that you take the necessary steps to ensure visitors are safe when browsing your website.

There are several ways to fully secure a website with the main one being an SSL certificate. This small guide will give you the information you need to make the best decision when considering your website security.

What is an SSL certificate?

To put it simply, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology that ensures all data transferred between the visitor’s website browser and the website itself is encrypted. SSL can also be used to transmit secure emails, files and other information.

Websites that are using SSL technology are issued an SSL certificate which tells the visitor that the website is secure in the following ways.

  1. Your website will be accessible by https not http.



  1. Your website will have a padlock in the address bar (appearance may differ depending on visitor’s browser)



Does my website need an SSL certificate?

If you sell products through your website, have a contact form or transfer any sort of personal information then an active SSL is imperative.  Even if you don’t, it’s strongly advised considering 48% of people say the number one factor they use to determine a business’ credibility is their website.

An additional bonus is that Google recognises secure websites and gives them a rank increase whilst penalising websites that are not secure. Secure websites also perform faster.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

First, you’ll need to purchase and register a certificate from a reputable seller. Then, a website developer can install the certificate on your website and ensure that everything is working correctly and secure.

Before purchasing an SSL certificate it’s important to understand that there’s a variety to choose from. Most small businesses just need a basic Let’s Encrypt certificate which is free. However, There are a variety of certificates and you might need a more complex SSL such as DV, OV or EV SSL which can cost in excess of £350 + per year.

Here at Keen IT we’ve been helping companies with their website development for many years. Our engineers and developers are clued up on all aspects of website security. We can establish which SSL you require, purchase and install the certificate for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in further depth.