In a nutshell, Office 365 is Microsoft’s complete business IT package. We have helped many businesses to smoothly migrate

from their existing platforms to Office 365 because we think it offers the best service and value to our customers.

These are our top five reasons why we would recommend Office 365 to our customers.

1) Cost effective
One of the advantages of using a cloud storage system is that you can make savings on the maintenance cost of storing data on a local server. Plus with Office 365 you can buy additional storage as you need at a really reasonable price.

2) Robust security
There is a misconception that Cloud based storage is vulnerable, however this is not actually the case if used correctly. With Office 365, you can have peace of mind that Microsoft are taking on the responsibility for your IT security and reliability. Office 365 has been developed with robust security features and flexibility to control the level of access that your employees have. Some of the security features include, encrypted emails, protection of sensitive information leaving your company via email, ability to control Office access on employees phones and automatic alerts to suspicious behaviour on your network.

3) Easy collaboration
Collaboration and file sharing is so simple with Office 365 since your files are stored online and are always in sync and up to date. Anyone in your team can instantly edit and update files from anywhere. This can be a huge benefit to businesses who have multiple locations, remote employees or those who travel often.

4) Your team can work anywhere
Office 365 Business enables you to use all of Microsoft’s programmes, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, from anywhere. Not only that, but everyone in your team will be able to access the latest version too.

5) Flexibility
Microsoft offer a range of different Office 365 business packages enabling you to choose one that is right for your company and easily switch packages if your requirements change over time.

One of the worries that some of our customers have is the problem of accessing data if the internet is down, since it is a cloud based service. In our experience this is becoming less of a problem with better internet reliability than in the past. Besides, Microsoft Office 365 also enables you to sync your files to your desktop and some business plans give you the option of using desktop versions of Office programmes.

We have found that migrating to Office 365 is incredibly easy and since Microsoft are constantly improving and updating their product, it is unlikely you will ever never need to move your data again.

For more information about how to migrate your business IT to the Office 365 platform, please call us on 01276 818461