Internet security and privacy can be a real concern, especially for those with children growing up in the age of social media.

Here are a few things that you can do to protect your family online.

Teach children about online threats

Establish boundaries for your children when they are using the internet and communicate with them about the online threats. Explain to them that giving out your personal information online is as dangerous as giving it to a stranger. It’s also important to monitor your child’s social media usage and privacy settings.

Create secure passwords

Passwords are designed to keep your data safe and secure. One of the common ways that hackers assess computers is by cracking the password. Ensure that you have a unique password that is difficult to guess and then keep it somewhere safe.

Secure your wireless network

Avoid using open Wi-Fi networks as they are never as secure as your personal wireless network. Adding a password to your wireless network protects it from being accessed by others.

Virus protection

Anti-virus is designed to protect your computer from online security threats such as hacks or virus infection. There are many different companies that provide anti-virus solutions that are easy to install and update automatically. If your computer is running windows 8.1 or windows 10 you already have a full functional free anti-virus installed called Windows Defender.

Be aware of scams

Scam emails are one way that your computer can be infected with a virus, so learn how to recognise a scam email.

Understand privacy policies

No one enjoys reading the small print, however it is important that you read online privacy policies. Privacy policies are legal documents that disclose how a company intends to use and manage your personal data. They are usually found in the footer of the website. If in doubt, don’t disclose your personal information online.

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